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Reading, decoding and motivating people

"What does my counterpart really want? Why is that the case? What makes them tick - and how do I best deal with it?" - These are questions that company executives, team leaders, HR managers, colleagues, and recruiters ask themselves several times a day when talking to job applicants, as well as salespeople, when negotiating with customers.

The "Profiling³" system presented in the workshop makes it possible to assess other people - but also oneself - accurately, quickly and better. It is important not to get stuck in one's own self-optimization, but to put out one's antennas in order to begin to systematically understand the people in one's environment and to build up a relationship with them.

Profiling with Oliver Vogelhuber

The Golden Rule says: "Treat others the way you want to be treated." But in order for this to be successful, one must first be able to recognize how one’s counterpart- whether an interlocutor, customer, employee or applicant - would like to be treated. Profiling³ uses renowned personality tools, to recognize different personality profiles, which makes it easier to understand one's own personality structure and those of others. When we know what makes us and others "tick," what is important to us, and what connects us, we find it easier to work with others. Then we can negotiate more effectively, assess people better and also UNDERSTAND them, communicate better, sell more easily and have more goal-oriented conversations. We simply experience more fun and enthusiasm at work and in our daily lives.

PROFILING¹ – Who am I?

  • Scientific, well-founded basics of personality and social psychology
  • Building mental strength
  • Increasing self-awareness

PROFILING² – What makes others tick?

  • Recognizing different types of behavior
  • Revealing different motives for action
  • Application of profiling tools (analog/digital)

PROFILING³ – What do I make of it?

  • Type-appropriate relationship building
  • Personality-based leadership
  • Building an authentic image
  • Practical exercises and case studies




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