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"Get to know yourself and tap into your potential!"

Exclusive, personal VIP one-to-one coaching sessions in Nizza oder Landshut one-to-one!

VIP Business Coaching:

This one-on-one executive coaching for personal reflection and exchange with Oliver Vogelhuber is an individual location determination. It brings strengths and areas of development to the surface and trains your understanding of others. This makes it possible to "read" the person in front of you better and to recognize which potentials arise from this for both sides.

Together we develop possible solutions and strategies to make it noticeably easier to achieve individual goals in everyday life.

The goal of the coaching is a customized development plan for more performance, composure and authority. Concrete, individual action plans make it easier to deal with challenges in the future. For each individual, as well as for one’s entire environment, this leads to the development of existing performance potential and to a sustainable increase in performance.

VIP Communication Coaching:

Good communication is the key to building and maintaining relationships. But many of us arrive at a point in their lives where we realize that we could develop in our ability to interact with others.

The coaching starts with a personality analysis, with special focus on your preferred communication style. Once you learn how you want people to communicate with you, you will also learn how to adapt to people whose preferred communication style differs from yours.

We will then develop further specialized communication skills based on your individual needs. For example, if you work in an intercultural environment, or would like to in the future, this coaching will help you understand some of the communicative tendencies of the people from the countries with which you are working.

The words you use is only the tip of the iceberg, there’s so much more to discover!

Coaching content:


  • Creation of personality profile
  • Clarification of vision & goals
  • Strengthening one’s resilience
  • Development of action plans
  • Implementing emotional impetus
  • Practical implementation through video feedback
  • Reflection of the day
  • Selected readings


  • Creation of personality profile
  • Clarification of needs & goals
  • Understanding one’s preferred communication style
  • Working with communication preferences of other personalities and/or cultures
  • Further development of communication skills based on individual needs
  • Practical implementation through video feedback
  • Reflection of the day
  • Selected readings

VIP Coaching (1 day):

  • Shuttle service from the airport or train station

  • Top location in Nice or Landshut as venue
  • Relaxing lunch between the modules



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