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How to become successful in multiple dimensions

Effective and lasting success is multidimensional!

Over the course of five intensive days on the Côte d'Azur, we will dive deep into these dimensions.

Who am I? What really drives me? How can I understand what makes other tick? What are some culture and gender-specific communication patterns? Which philosophical paradigms can I use for myself? How do I become authentic?

This week is highly intensive, profound, and varied, and the effects are long-lasting!

  • Duration: 5 days

  • Date: 06.–10.11.2023

  • Location: Nice, France

  • Participants: Maximum 20

Day 1: Intra-success

The first day will start with an analysis of your personality, which will enable you to successfully profile yourself. You will glean a more profound understanding of how you tick, which will provide you with insight about how you can better manage to reach your goals in your personal and professional life.

Day 2:  Inter-success

The second day will focus on building successful relationships, which will be achieved through profiling others. You will learn to read others better to figure out how they tick and practice methods for influencing them in a positive way. You will also learn to interpret non-verbal communication.

Day 3: Expanding success

The concentration of the third day will be on how to be successful across cultures, which will be achieved by profiling larger groups of people. The main focus will be on effective intercultural communication, and there will also be elements of effective communication between genders.

Day 4: Redefining success

The main aim of the fourth day will be to introduce you to philosophy and world wisdoms regarding success, which will enable you to align your definition of success with your value system and within your ethical boundaries. There will be specific attention paid to effective negotiation techniques.

Day 5: Future success

The final day will focus on preparing you for your future success. You will identify your character strengths and learn how to leverage them. You will also be provided with some useful research from the world of positive psychology, which will help you stay resilient when facing life’s challenges.



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